Tunap 157


Cleansing Agent
Tunap 157 will dramatically reduce the build-up of carbon throughout the whole combustion system

Low viscosity, highly effective active cleansing agent (surfactants from engine oil detergent series in the OWX viscosity class) to ensure rapid displacement and dispersion of internal engine contaminant and sludge deposits and drained used oil.


When used oil is drained all soluble contaminants are effectively removed. The fresh oil remains clean for longer.

When to use:

Every oil change (especially if delayed)
Black sludge is suspected
Hydraulic valve rattle
Piston ring compression loss

What does my oil actually do?

An engine oil’s job is primarily to stop all the metal surfaces in your engine from grinding together and tearing themselves apart from friction whilst transferring heat away from the combustion cycle.Engine oil must also be able to hold all the nasty by­products of combustion, such as silica (silicon oxide) and acids in suspension. It cleans the engine of these chemicals and build-ups, and keeps the moving parts coated in oil. Finally, engine oil minimises the exposure to oxygen and thus oxidation at higher temperatures. It does all of these things under tremendous heat and pressure.

Why should I use an engine flush?

To ensure as many of the contaminants suspended in the old engine oil are removed when the oil is changed. If oil has become over saturated and sludge has started to form it will effectively remove this also. It will ensure that the new oil is mixed with significantly less contaminated oil and your engine will have better performing, longer lasting, cleaner oil.

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