Tunap 984

Tunap 984 – Diesel Product Benefits

  • Strong injection system cleaner
  • Cleans injectors, fuel lines and tank
  • Contains cetane booster
  • Boosts cetane level reducing risk of engine knock and pinking
  • Contains anti oxidants Stops oxidation in fuel system
  • Removes moisture from bio diesel
  • Safely carries moisture through the combustion process reducing the risk of damage to the fuel system especially the diesel pump
  • Has keep clean technology
  • Adds microscopic coating to prevent recontamination of tank, fuel lines and injectors
  • Kills micro organisms
  • Eliminates the build up of “diesel bug” a bacteria that can cause severe damage to the fuel system
  • Reduces emissions and improves fuel consumption

When used regularly, protects injectors from fuel-induced deposits and lowers fuel consumption and emissions to original factory levels. ROA 2 cleaning technology works directly on the injectors, reducing the risk of costly replacement.

(Reactive Organic Amines Technology)

  • Higher performance cleaning formula based on ROA2 technology.
  • Deposits on injectors are released and cleaned away.
  • Re-contamination is prevented.
  • Excellent dissolution capabilities in all (bio- )diesel mixtures.
  • ROA2 Level 1: The cleaning performance is strong enough to remove dirt that builds up over the course of up to 10,000 miles (or the time between inspections).

Further characteristics

  • Protects against fuel-induced deposits. Reduces fuel consumption and emissions caused by fuel-related deposits to the original factory condition.
  • Improves combustibility by pushing cetane number into the safe range.
  • Reduces fuel-induced knocking.
  • Gives the fuel age stability, protecting against accumulation of sludge.
  • Suitable for consumer use.


  • For all common rail and pump-nozzle systems.
  • Protects against poor fuel quality.
  • For regular protection after the use of Injector Direct Cleaner MF 989 or Injector Intensive Cleaner MF 938.


Add to fuel tank during yearly inspection. Use the included filling nozzle.

Special precautions:
MF 984 for up to 80 litres of fuel.


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