TUNAP products will keep your engine performing the way the manufacturer intended with ‘clean up’and ‘keep clean’ technology, which will keep cleaning your engine for up to 10,000 miles. An efficient engine will reduce fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and prolong the life of your vehicle. TUNAP products offer added value, saving you money and limiting your impact upon the environment.

For over 30 years we have been inspiring our customers with innovative developments and system solutions in the field of chemistry. Our products are used worldwide in industry, cosmetic, household, packaging technology and vehicle technology.

We use and deliver our technical synergies from the widest range of application areas and sectors. Whether it be cleaning, maintaining, protecting, bonding or lubricating; from the concentrated active agent to the finished aerosols from TUNAP you get the complete system. Always with the claim of supplying individual services, chemical and cosmetic products of the very highest quality.

The interval between servicing is becoming longer, therefore to ensure your vehicle maintains its peak performance we recommend that at around 8,000 miles you book into your local service facility and take advantage of the TUNAP ‘Clean up’ and ‘keep clean’ technology products on offer. This service is offered with FREE labour charge. You pay for the additive ONLY.


Tunap Micrologic Premium 157
Interior Engine Cleaner/Oil Flush
Tunap Microflex Petrol Fuel Additive
with Injector Protection
Tunap 984 Microflex Diesel Fuel
Additive with Injector Protection